The Modular System

The platforms with the legs attached, are transported via semi trailer to site. They then are simply lifted off individually and laid on the ground, where the handrail panels are installed. the legs are hinged, so once they are unchained from the platform they unfold into the vertical position and bolted up prior to placing over the footpath.


Footpath Protection

When construction takes place in a busy street or area adjacent to a footpath, or where there is any danger to the public during the course of construction, especially when craning materials from a roadway across a footpath, the Highrise gantry system offers complete and safe protection.


Siteshed Support

Now that the gantry protecting the public is in position, and you have little room on site for site accommodation or  offices, why not utilise the gantry to support your temporary site facilities.


Zone Protection

An additional safety feature offered by the Highrise gantry system is the use of our unique “skid board” system. This feature which compliments the outside face of the gantry, offers complete protection to construction loading zones, especially when craning off trucks and hoisting over the gantry. A series of oregon boards secured to set size frames are craned up, and secured to the face of the gantry.


Hoist Platforms


If you require a separate loading platform to the site’s man and materials hoist, go no further than Highrise. Far quicker and easier than scaffold, the platforms are easily assembled on the ground and lifted up by crane and placed on top of the previous platform.


Scaffold Support


Need to scaffold the building on your boundary line? The Highrise gantry system will support a heavy duty scaffold to your building, while protecting the public walking underneath.


Span Large Areas


Subject to engineering, Highrise gantries can be used for protection over wider areas, such as driveways and plaza areas, and still have the capability to support sheds or storage above.


Gantry Basic Dimensions

2.5m gantry for protection and storage only - rated 10kpa

Using this width where no sheds are required reduces the internal dimension as shown a 1.8m wide rated 10kpa gantry is also available for narrow footpaths


Gantry Contacts

Victorian Gantry Contact

For Victorian Gantry Projects please contact Joe Cilmi

Address:   96 Barry Road, Campbellfield
Phone:      1300 654 915  
Fax:          +61 3 9357 7995
Mobile:      0433 803 029
Email:       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  Queensland Gantry Contact

For Queenland Gantry Projects please contact Darron Smith

Address:   182 Tile Street, Wacol QLD 4076
Phone:      1300 654 915  
Fax:          +61 7 3294 7684
Mobile:      0433 804 079
Email:       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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