The Modular System

The Modular System

The platforms with the legs attached, are transported via semi trailer to site. They then are simply lifted off individually and laid on the ground, where the handrail panels are installed. the legs are hinged, so once they are unchained from the platform they unfold into the vertical position and bolted up prior to placing over the footpath.

The decks normally 7m long x 2.5m wide or 3m wide depending on the requirements arrive on site with one set of 200mm diameter columns folded up underneath. The crane simply lifts the platform off the truck, places it on the ground and the solid sided one metre high handrail panels are installed. The legs are then unchained, and in the motion of raising the deck via eye bolts screwed into the deck, the legs automatically unfold and our men then bolt the legs securely in the upright position.

The platform is then lowered over the footpath with one end connecting to the previous platform in a “piggyback” style. Once you have the first platform in position with four columns, the rest all are supported off the one in front, thus you only need one set of legs per platform.

The columns contain adjustable jacks at the base enabling us to level the platforms, which is a priority when placing site accommodation on top. It also makes the visual aspect appealing. There are some cases on larger spans such as truck openings, where four legs on the platform are necessary, but the same principal applies in its method of erection.


Victorian Contact
Queensland Contact

For Victorian Gantry Projects please contact Joe Cilmi

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For Queenland Gantry Projects please contact Darron Smith

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